MARICE: Marine Academic Research in Iceland

Marine Academic Research in Iceland (MARICE)

is a research group at the University of Iceland
Our group membership is diverse consisting of faculty, postdocs and students currently originating from Iceland, UK, Germany, Portugal, Australia and Uganda. Our diversity is also reflected in the wide breadth of scientific research pursued by group members and their collaborators.

However, the Icelandic marine environment is the common theme and focus of MARICE research activities. We investigate life history variation; reproductive biology; behavioural and physiological ecology; population genetics; marine biogeography and phylogeography; and utilise statistical, ecological, and oceanographic modelling tools to do so. 

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Current News - In Brief



[04.2015] POLSHIFT conference

The POLSHIFT conference was held at the Marine Research Institute on the 14-15th April 2015. The conference’s objective was to prepare future collaborations for examining the impact of global climate change on North Atlantic species distributions. Cecilia Kvaavik gave a talk entitled “Assessment of diet and feeding preference of mackerel (Scomber scombrus) offshore and inshore in Icelandic waters” which presented data from a visual dietary study of mackerel from 2013-2014. This presentation, along with further information on the conference can be found here


[04.2015] Teresa awarded grant

Congratulations to Teresa who was awarded a grant from the Eimskip University Fund (Háskólasjóðs H/f Eimskipafélags Íslands) to finish her PhD on the ecology of krill in Icelandic waters.



[02.2015] In service of our sea swimmers

Graphical output of our operational ocean model with improved spatial and temporal resolution is now availabe at Information is available at the regional level, and in addition to the traditional hydrographic parameters the charts include regional estimates of wave height, plankton density and weather conditions.

ÁE Grant

[12.2014] Ásthildur awarded grant

Congratulations to Ásthildur who was awarded an academic book grant from HÍ to support her MSc on the ectoparasitic copepod (Sebastes mentella)".

HP graduates

[11.2014] Heather successfully defends PhD

Congratulations to Heather who successfully defended her PhD entitled "Using biology to improve the value of the Icelandic lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) fishery". We wish you all the best for the future Heather! 


[10.2014] Welcome to Sophia

Sophia Wassermann joins MARICE on a Fullbright scholarship for 9 months. She'll be working on elucidating the influence of temperature and other factors on the vertical distribution of capelin during their spawning migration and the interaction with and consequences for the cod stock. Pleased to have you with us Sophia!



[10.2014] NorMER annual meeting 2014

NorMER held its annual meeting in Copenhagen this year. Jed, Hlynur and Will all atended the meeting and presented updates on their work to the NorMER community and affiliates. And also participated in a Young Researchers workshop, a Climate Change workshop and an intensive time-series analysis course.



[09.2014] Viðar graduates!

Congratulations to Viðar who successfully defended his MSc thesis "Energy dynamics and recruitment of Icelandic capelin". Good luck with your further studies Viðar!


[09.2014] European Marine Biology Symposium 2014

Niall McGinty and Will Butler both attending the 49th European Marine Biology Symposium in St Petersburg. Niall presented a talk on "Biophysical coupling of Chl-a and environmental drivers using reconstructed satellite data fields: the potential for fisheries indices uses in higher latitude waters", and Will presented a talk entitled "Comparing rule-based and optimal behavioural strategies in larval fish models"



[08.2014] American Fisheries Society 2014

MARICE members Jed Macdonald and Fraser Cameron attended the 144th American Fisheries Society meeting. Fraser presented a poster entitled "Cod Lunacy, Hormonal Identification of spawning rhythms in Atlantic cod", whilst Jed gave a talk "Do environmental factors guide selection of overwintering locations in Atlantic herring when learning opportunities are few".


[04.2014] Anthony graduates!

Congratulations to Anthony who successfully defended his PhD thesis "Anthropogenic and environmental impacts on the abundance and distribution of commercial fish stocks of Lake Victoria". We wish you all the best in your new job and hope to see you again in the future!

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